Cut-to-Length RTD's and Thermocouples

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Measure And Test offers both Cut-to-Length RTD's and Thermocouples:

  • For on-the-spot Replacements
  • Order And Keep For Stock
  • Simply Cut Shorter for Your Other Lengths
  • Use Standard Tube Cutter
  • Both Type J and Type K Thermocouples 
  • Both Single and Dual Wire RTD 
  • Optional Spring Loaded Kit 
  • 1/4" Stem Diameter

Our Cut-To-Length Thermocouples can be cut in the field to any length needed using a standard tube cutter. Many customers keep a stock of cut-to-length thermocouples on hand for quick replacement.

View Data Sheet - Thermocouple

Our Cut-to-length RTDs are designed as a fast and temporary replacement for RTD sensors for applications where downtime needs to be minimized. They are supplied in standardized lengths and can be cut down as needed in the field. These RTDs are meant to be used as a temporary fix until a permanent replacement is installed.

View Data Sheet - RTD